"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, and it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness"

Before I started this new artwork, I was pondering about our 'likes' and 'choices' - I could not get this imagine out of my head yesterday, perhaps the firework displays when I walked my dog earlier.
I know that a lot of my artworks are quite dark in a way, but that is my own perception, but this image started to make me think that lighter, rather than darkness goes with the images on the concept. I guess that darkness is seen negative and cold, while brighter is warmer and positive.? - who knows :)

This artwork has over 50+ layers using just 3 composites, coloration, overlays and lighting highlights. I hope that you will like it. And if you do like it, please please share if you can. Much appreciated 🕍🙏❤️ xx


Recently I have had some ideas for future artworks, My fiends on Facebook have been sending me some backgrounds as well as sharing some initiative ideas, All of this means I can focus on those ideas knowing that I will be reciprocating in the future. Collaboration can work well.

Thank You all that have supported 


I was listening to some 80's tracks and this song was the inspiration for this new artist. It took me right back to the best decade of pop music....he was called 'Belouis Some' and guess what!? it became a one hit wonder with the title "Imagination".

The Purple & Blues have a special connection within the art World. The artwork I have created is a very surreal story. The connection of dreams and Intricate mind games between the people. Thinking about it now, there are two individuals who want to be the other person.
I hope that people will like this artwork. I never pat myself on my shoulder but this one came from know where... but I love it myself, but always humble x 🕍🙏❤️


I am currently going through a fantasy-art phase. It is quite different from my first artworks. My first project called PERCEPTION was mainly made up of normal generic images and generally sharp and loud colours. Fantasy Art is a lot softer in colouration and a lot harder to blend multiple images and lots of imagination. However, my new upcoming artwork is going to be as normal.


My new volume of artwork FAITH-HOPE-LOVE has twenty three artworks in the photo book. Its been a great project so far but there is a few more to come.....