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Art and Geography were my favourite subjects when I was at school, I was always trying to paint and draw album covers especially the band ‘Electric Light Orchestra’ and their amazing album ‘Out of the Blue’ and many others- For some reason I was fascinated with space and everything beyond the stars. For many years I left my art behind me, but in 2000 my life changed forever and not long after I found my faith. The music was different as well, for years after the singer Jewel come into my life an artist that gave me some faith with her lyrics. I started to realise that we are on this planet to serve, and that faith is in everyone. Faith has created me a canvas to share my artwork and also share my perceptions of my religious soul.​


We all hope for things, but more than material things I hope that I can make a small impact with my art. I always try to hope that people will like my work but also have their opinions. I hope that I can open a door to enjoy what they see, I hope that what I see in my dreams and my mind, so that the viewer can easily understand what I was thinking. But most of all I can continue to feel inspiration so that I can obtain some collaboration for music art, book covers, and designs in the future.


I love my art, my dog, my family, my friends, my team, my life and people who understand me, I'm not perfect, I put myself down sometimes, I cry, I sometimes can't get my words out, I like to be alone sometimes, I’m fragile, I’m sensitive........and a whole lot more, but I am me and I will always be a good person, a good artist, moralistic, and respectful to others.

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