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One of the best ideas I get when I start a new artwork always starts with the word 'contradiction' 

The simple meaning of this word conjures up visuals in my head which soon gets to the canvas, being Photoshop.

Its like baking a cake! - not that I have ever baked a proper cake, but this a good analogy. Starting with a basic background, and then start to create layers after layers, from that start I will be thinking of contradictions within the layers but also the whole composition of the artwork must have all the ingredients until the last mix which is a drop of 'surrealness' - my made up word :)

Although I think that my artworks are better now than the PERCEPTION series I also think that the earlier artworks were more hard to understand. I would often start an artwork only to get through three quarters and delete the file because I was looking for perfection. As an artistic person, its kind of normal.


Fortunately I have found a different style and with FAITH-HOPE-LOVE everything is stream-less from start to finish, finally I have a personal style which I'm comfortable and happy.

perception banner.jpg
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